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Welcome to the Salem Institute of Hotel Management

Salem Institute of Hotel Management, Salem was set up in the year 2014 with an intention of promoting the Hospitality and Tourism industry and promoting quality Education in Hospitality Management and allied management studies.

We not only lay stress and emphasis on creating professional skills but also encourage various other curriculum activities to develop an overall personality of the candidate, which enable the trainee to come up to the expected level of performance of hospitality industry. Students undergo real life training programmes incorporated in their day to day activity to facilitate their on the job Training. The Institute Management owns and operates a 4 star deluxe Radisson Hotel in the same place.

This 4 star deluxe facility hotel is located adjacent to the institution where students are exposed to the sound knowledge of administration and management of the operational level. Students massively benefit in terms of getting industrial knowledge of hotel management by being directly involved in the day to day operations of the star hotel. Its stretch campus has infrastructure including the main block with class rooms, Training Laboratories (F/O, F&B, F&B Production, H/K, Computer Lab, Carving Lab, Conference Hall), Faculty room, Library Administrative office etc .Salem Institute of Hotel Management has been prepared to meet the challenging standards of Modern Hospitality Education.

Our Vision

Empowering future leaders in the hospitality industry through effective teaching and training, our institute envisions shaping a global cadre of professionals who excel in delivering exceptional service, fostering a culture of excellence, and redefining hospitality standards.

Our Mission

  • To provide comprehensive and cutting-edge hospitality education
  • To create the best learning environment at an affordable cost
  • Equipping students with practical skills, knowledge, and understanding of the current practices in the hospitality industry
  • To prepare the students to deliver the exceptional service in the global arena
  • To instill in them the social responsibility of preserving the environment


The hospitality industry encompasses a diverse range of businesses focused on providing services and accommodation to guests. It includes five main sectors – lodging, food and beverages, travel and tourism, events, recreation, and entertainment.

The hospitality industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the needs of guests of various profiles and age groups. It offers millions of direct and indirect jobs. The success of this industry largely depends on well-trained and customer-oriented manpower on its payroll. Every commercial and welfare unit of the hospitality industry has managerial, supervisory, and operational positions.

Food production, Food and Beverage service, Front office, Housekeeping, Event Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources are the areas where well-trained hotel management graduates are in demand. At our Institute, we are committed to impart world-class training to the students in all the core and allied areas of hotel Management, thus making them employable.

Key Departments

Food Production: Students are taught different culinary skills from all over the world, inculcating discipline, punctuality, grooming, hygiene, professional attitude, and creativity skills.

Food & Beverage Service: Prepares students to extend flawless service confidently, handle different situations, function organization, beverage services, and more. Training improves patience, communication skills, and confidence in meeting guests' requirements.

Housekeeping: Deals with the importance of cleanliness, preparation of guest rooms, public area maintenance, etc. Housekeeping is concerned with the aesthetic upkeep of a hotel.

Front Office: Trains students in handling computerized reservations, room allotment, key handling, telephone handling, guests' requests, and more.

About Salem Institute of Hotel Management

At Salem Institute of Hotel Management, we have adequate spacious classrooms, computer facilities with 24 Hrs Internet access through LAN, a well-equipped library, discussion rooms, and well-established practical rooms to train students to meet the requirements of the industry.


The hospitality industry has emerged as one of the largest industry in the world, and is the single largest foreign exchange earner in many countries. The backbone of this industry, the hotel sector is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

The vision behind starting this institute is to give education in hospitality industry to deserving students with affordable fees. The institute is committed to quality at every level. The parents who send their wards to this institute, the students who study here for a career and the industry that offers placement to passed out students – everyone can be sure of quality.

If you want to be committed to hospitality industry, willing to get trained and are ambitious to grow to greater heights, Welcome to Salem Institute of Hotel Management. I take this opportunity to invite you to visit, meet and communicate with our faculty on campus (College & Hotel) or as I would like to address them, “Hospitality career strategists”, who serve to combine behavioral attributes, service orientation, emotional intelligence and other soft talents along with professional knowledge and skills.

“Wishing you a bright career”


Dear esteemed students,

Welcome to Salem Institute of Hotel Management, where we embark on a journey of excellence in the realm of hotel management. As your Academic Director, I extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to each one of you. Our institution is not merely a place of learning; it is a nurturing ground for future leaders in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Here, you will find a dedicated and experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a curriculum to hone your skills and ignite your passion for the art of hospitality. Embrace the opportunities, challenge yourself, and make the most of your time here. Together, let’s create a legacy of excellence and innovation.

I am confident that your time at Salem Institute of Hotel Management will be transformative, shaping you into industry-ready professionals. Cherish every moment of this journey, for it is the foundation upon which your successful future in hotel management will be built.

Once again, welcome to Salem Institute of Hotel Management. Let’s embark on this exciting and rewarding academic adventure together.

Best Regards
R. Singaravelavan
Academic Director


Dear Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the evergreen Hospitality industry, world level growing industry. The People will not stop taking foods, so it will not ruin also. It is fast developing and nurturing industry compared to other industries. By associating yourself with “Salem Institute of Hotel Management” you have been taking steps for success in your life and earning money with professional atmosphere that will make your dreams come true.

Since my associates in the institute are well qualified in the academics and have extensive experience in hospitality industry they can impact modern trends of technology and innovation skills on our students by coordinating with the expertise from, hoteliers also.

Empowerment of students for their all-round personality development through education and mostly through practical exposure is our objective.

I feel very proud of being Principal of this wonderful Institution dedicating myself to bring it as No:1 institute in Tamilnadu.

All the students in our institute will be given abundant confidence to avoid fear & hesitation. “Always Keep Smiling & think positively” is our motive. You will receive positive energy. Your ambition will soon come to the success and you will rock one day”.

“All the very best & fruitful association with us”